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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural extracts obtained from seeds, bark, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. Find out how they are extracted, how they are used correctly for both adults and children.

How do we use essential oils?

Strong and extraordinarily effective natural plant extracts, both in terms of health and well-being, can be used to relieve various discomforts, headaches, anxiety and more.

dōTERRA - Pure Essential Oils

Pure dōTERRA essential oils contain pure, natural aromatic compounds, carefully extracted from plants. If you want to buy dōTERRA products directly from the manufacturer, you can do it now.

Individual essential oils and exclusive blends

Afla mai multe despre uleiurile esențiale individuale ca lavanda, menta, tamaie, sau blendurile exclusive dōTERRA ca Air, Zengest, DeepBlue. 

Choose your favorite doTERRA Collection

Family Essentials Kit 147,00€
dōTERRA Kids Collection 138,00€
Home Essentials Kit 290,25€
Aromatouch Diffused Kit 155,25€

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De ce sa alegi dōTERRA?


Over 200 products (oils, mixtures, supplements, care and cleaning products), using the best quality raw materials from over 75 countries.


Cu peste 13 500 000 de consumatori, doTERRA este acum lider mondial de piata in acest domeniu.


2008. A group of professionals whose mission and vision was to share pure essential oils all over the world, dōTERRA founds.

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